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Jason Julien

Design + Creative Direction + UX/UI

My name is Jason Julien and I am a smart designer. Not a rock star, not a ninja. Just a great designer and creative director. Now that I've found a way to buy groceries and diapers from this affliction things are great, but growing up it wasn't always this way. "Do some math" the teachers would say. But little Jason would turn the numbers into dimensional objects and draw little stick people climbing up or jumping off of them. Or there was that one time when I was in science class with a teacher named Boyd Pufpaff who had a rad name and dressed up as Abraham Lincoln for civil war reenactments. Anyhow, he was a mean old man so you can imagine that he didn't take too kind to some puny 7th grader drawing pictures of honest Abe catching on fire from exploding Bunsen burners. Naturally ol' Boyd called a meeting with my parents at the school. When he showed them the drawing my dad took one look at it and exclaimed, "Whoa, that looks just like you"! That cemented in my mind that my dad was the coolest ever and that I'd go to school for something having to do with art or design.

Jason Julien Design

I am a seasoned design veteran specializing in creating smart, beautiful design solutions. A thinker, leader, mentor, maker and hustler, I'm passionate about creative, strategy, web design, print design, creative direction, user experience, user interface design, recruiting and anything and everything design and creative. My 15+ years of experience in print and digital in agency, corporate and independent environments gives me a unique ability to communicate effectively with clients, stakeholders, users, coders, designers and anybody else involved throughout the project cycle. My work has been featured in a variety of prominent design galleries, such as WebCreme, The Best Designs and CSS Remix, as well as in HOW Design magazine. I truly love creating and claim that my best creation so far are my four six daughters and son, although I acknowledge I can only take partial credit. Additionally, Jason has I have recently recovered from writing bios in the third person.



"Jason is a very skilled designer who really understands the web and user experience. He is very easy to work with, can grasp technology implications quickly and adapt. Our teams have built some great web projects together."

— Steven Moazami
Lead Web Architect at Domino's Pizza

"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Jason as a colleague. He is a true professional who performed at a high level and delivered great and functional creative often under tight timelines. He excelled in client communications and was able to articulate the principles behind the design in an egoless manner. Jason also has a great understanding of the digital space, and user experience, and his designs demonstrated this."

— James Royer
Director of Digital Media and Strategy at Kansas City Chiefs

"Jason is one of my favorite creatives, because his work is always top notch, interesting and clean, and he comes with none of the hang-ups and weirdness one sometimes experiences with the commercial art crowd. I have enormous respect for him, both for the work we've done together and the work he's done for himself as a business owner. His stuff is always fun to look at – I heartily endorse his work, business acumen and temperament."

— Charlie Condek
Senior Digital Content Strategist at Doner